Thursday, November 29, 2012

Adventures in Hedonism - New York City

I’m in New York for a week. An odd impromptu adventure triggered by a desire to see Lucent Dossier perform at the Liberty Theater, an old vaudeville theater right in the heart of Broadway. But like many plans, even the spur of the moment ones, they don’t always turn out as expected - and often that’s okay.

Unfortunately, it turns out Lucent isn’t playing while we are here. Still, we're in NYC for the week, and as a hedonist (or any other things you might identify with), you couldn’t really go wrong finding something you might fancy in New York. We have a flat in Chelsea and haven’t bothered at all thinking about jet lag, what with everything open 24/7 one hardly has to adjust their schedule and can continue living in their preferred time zone. We seem to be most active between 10PM and 4AM. For example our “day trip” to the see the High Line, started with watching the sunset and ended when the park police escorted us off somewhere around 23rd Street.

Walking the High Line

Last night we took in Fuerza Bruta - A dance/performance art piece that I first heard about on NPR some 5 years ago. It was one of those things that made me contemplate a New York trip at the time before realizing the foolish (if not romantic) notion was untenable. I wrote it off right away as one of those moments in time I’d just accept that I would not be there to experience it. It was by accident really that a friend's comment to one of his friend’s posts caught my eye with mention of having just seen this show. And so a desire written off 5 years ago finally got fulfilled.

Fuerza Bruta
Looking at the Audience - Photo by Roger Fojas
The best part of it was that, while I listened again to the archived NPR piece, revisited the Fuerza Bruta website, and read other accounts of the show, it still surprised and delighted me. The show itself engages you physically as well as emotionally as you come into contact with both set and performers and must also keep moving to see it and participate with it. The show adds another dimension as you watch performers dive into a clear bottom suspended inched above your face. This is 21st century Busby Berkeley - post Punk - post Rave - is  high energy and yet flirtatious and intimate. I’m so glad this hedonist wish was finally granted.

Fuerza Bruta
The Pool Descends - Photo by Roger Fojas
Otherwise I seem to be indulging my desires for 24 hour dinner fare - A burger topped with corned beef hash on rye, pulled pork and a side of mac & cheese, fried chicken & waffles, and a slice of coconut custard pie.None of this would make in on anyone’s approved diet but I’m having fun sampling the late night foods of the city as well as a nostalgic nosh here and there. I couldn't resist a sweet elderly women hawking pretzels in the market - a taste of childhood trips with my mother to the German Bakery. I will not go hungry here, but I may have to make a few more appointments at the gym when I get back home.

I’ve scarcely been here 24 hours, and there is some much more to do, to see, to taste - a true hedonist adventure, and it continues on.

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  1. I could be wrong, but I believe NYC is the only legitimately 24-hour city in America. I'm glad you are taking advantage of that, and having marvelous experiences there.