Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Awe and Hedonism

Came across this article:

Apparently the experience of awe can improve one's happiness. I suppose in some ways that might be counterintuitive as awe usually has an element of feeling insignificant. However awe is a positive emotion.

In part I suppose its a way of hitting a reset button on your life as you pause to reflect on something greater. That in turn invites taking a sort of personal inventory on how you might fit in with this "greater good."

I have to wonder if this in part is a
Contributing factor of religious and spiritual people reporting greater happiness, that experience of the "Mysterium Tremendom." If so it gives a strategy for the "less spiritual" in finding other sources of awe and inspiration. I know for myself I always experience a sense of rejuvenation in places of natural beauty or in the experience of art.

This connection of awe and happiness fits in with my own value of curiosity. By seeking out new and inspiring experiences we open ourselves up to greater possibilities that either reaffirm the path we are on, or suggest other ways to challenge us to greater satisfaction.

A rational enlightened hedonist cannot lead a static life, finding moments of awe and inspiration are essential to leading a happy and meaningful life.

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